Wednesday, 9 March 2011


What do you do when your down in the dumps?!
This is a general question, and I want answers!!!!

For some reason I have been feeling pretty rubbish recently, a combination of things I think.....I have been trying to lose weight and its not working too well, I miss my lovely boyfriend and Im fed up of being a twenty year old who is too ill for work or uni :(

So I though to pass the time and help cheer myself up I would make a list here on my blog of things that make me happy and cheer me up. It may also help other people who are either bored or feeling a bit down like myself
So here are a few things I like to do.......

  • Watch silly youtube videos:

  • Painting my nails all pretty
  • Internet window shopping at the following:

  • Reading a saucy vampire book

  • Listening to my favourite music:
Lady Gaga, Enter Shikari, Paramore just to name a few

  • Have a lush bubble bath and eat chocolate

I think thats my ramble pretty much over lol
Much love peeps


  1. Hi I was just reading this and I've been feeling really down lately to. Living with severe bipolar is so hard I'm never at a happy medium, I find myself obsessing all the time and I'm fed up.
    Darlin you don't need to lose weight I wish I had your figure you're gorgeous your makeup is so nice and your hair so cool and your dress sense I'd kill to have to your body so I could pull off pinup styles.

    When I feel down, I eat to cheer myself up, I watch YouTube videos and I look at makeup sites and New Look and Dorothy Perkins. It doesn't cheer me up for long because I don't have a job right now (I find it hard leaving the house I'm constantly anxious which causes panic attacks) so I've lost jobs which sucks but I'm such a girly girl and I want EVERYTHING lol.

    Sorry for having a rant on your comment I just thought I'd tell you you don't need to lose weight x

  2. hey girl,
    this was just what i needed to cheer me up, that cat is SOOO cute! i know what you mean about weigh loss, isn't it hard when you can't just go to the gym, arggh!

    i like to watch 5awesomegays on YT for cheer ups, they are funny and happy it rubs off!
    sometimes i get dolled up even though im not going out, or change the nail polish on my toes.
    if im feeling okish i try to get out of the house, just walking down a street can make me feel better, i feel like im trapped in this house, damn illness!

    feel happy, you are wonderful and beautiful! xx

  3. Hey, Thanks for commenting on mine and following me :-) I'm not sure if I do get notified but I was going to have a nosey back and saw you'd commented on mine and I thought I'd comment here in case you don't get them either (if you do get notifications then I'm sorry and I'll have to have look to see if I can find out how to activate them)
    Don't worry about the rambles it's always nice to talk isn't it? I don't anyone else to chat to so I comment so much lol. My husband has ME so I know exactly what you're going through and if you ever feel down and want a goss sesh then my twitter is the same as my user name :-) you seem like a lovely girl and it's not fair for us young girls to feel so down.

    Lots of hugs and I hope you're ok :-) xx

  4. Sorry couldn't think of anything but if you should get a chance, would like to see more of those park pictures.