Sunday, 6 March 2011

Oh I do love to shop!!!

New Haul video up on my youtube.......Take a look and see what wonderfull things I got :)
If your too lazy to watch my video then here are a few pics of the clothing I got........ENJOY!!!

Black and white polka dot swimming costume from George for £12
It has built in boobie support and helps flattern your for my body shape its awesome!!
I loves it!!! Cant wait for summer to wear it on the beach

Lady Gaga t-shirt from New Look for £5 in the sale
Shoes £14 from Primark
Thanks for watching my sweeties.
My ramble over
Much love


  1. OMG that swimsuit is so beautiful you look full on pin up!
    i am soooo tempted to go find it but 1.i am on a clothes ban, 2.i have no money and 3.i have no holiday plans and its freezing¬!

  2. Love the swim suite! What sizing dose it come in? Is it just general sive 12/14/16 or is it more bra sizes?