Monday, 26 December 2011

21st Birthday Outfits!

I am not 21 :)

So last week to celebrate my 21st birthday I did 3 things over 3 days, so that means 3 different outfits :)

On my birthday (15th of december) and and the boyfriend went to Liverpool for a lil bit of shopping and a meal in this AMAZING american style diner. 

Shirt - Primark £8
Shorts - Etsy £20
Red tights - Primark £2
Seam fish nets - Ebay £3
Head band - Market stall £5
Shoes - Primark £8

The day after my birthday I went out with my family and my boyfriend for a chinese which was super lovely

(unflattering but I like it)

Vintage dress - Vintage shop on Brick Land in London £10
Belt - New Look £3
Hair clip - Present
Necklace - Topshop £14
Tights - Ebay £3
Socks - Primark£1
Shoes - Ebay £33

The third events was a little gathering of friends and family at my house. Sadly we forgot to take pictures lol but I got one of my and Ed.

I wore a hand made 50s stlye fruit dress which was a present from my grandparents :)

Sorry this is late. Been very busy.
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas

Much Love

Friday, 9 December 2011

Festive Pin up Tutorial

Christmas is almost here so that means festive make up.
This is a Pin Up look with a christmas twist (green glitter)

Here is the video so take a look:

Thanks for having a little looky :)

Much love peep