Monday, 4 April 2011

The wonders of my webcam

Hey peeps!!! Sorry I havnt posted in a while. I havnt made many youtube videos recently and I have been super busy traveling back and forth from my boyfriends.

So today I thought I would do a rather random post about my webcam photos.
I fairly often get the urge to take a photo and then upload onto my facebook cause Im either bored or wanting to mention what Im doing.

So I thought I would like put a few pics together for my blog, taken on my webcam in the last year or so..........

This one is really from 2007 or 2008. I look drunk haha (Im on my bed)

This is from late 2009. I had just had my fringe cut Bettie Page style

Playing with my webcam in late 2009

I had just stretched my ears up to 16mm I think

Pink hair....trying to go cross eyed. March 2010

Just after getting my Bettie tattoo done in March 2010

Freashly pierced April 2010

Bug eyed.....October 2010

Its now december 2010 and Im dying my hair pink, purple and blue

Its 2011 now and I have new black hair

Wrapped up warm ready to go out Jan 2011

3D frame I made for one of my photos

Valentines card I made for my bf

Hair extensions.....Feb/march 2011

Strawberry nails

Just bleached streaks in my hair

Enjoying the first warm weather of the year March 2011

Chocolate, tea and sunshine March

Awesome card

Messy crimped hair March

And heres todays webcam shot.....channeling my inner hippy with no make up on

Sorry its a long and boring post but I thought it might be fun :)

My ramble is over
Much love peeps


  1. You look so different from the 'This is from late 2009. I had just had my fringe cut Bettie Page style' to the one today. still look great in everyone tho. I used to have blue hair and pink hair I miss it

  2. Just came across this petition thought you might be interested