Sunday, 22 May 2011

1960's shift

For some reason I think I look like a 60's yellow version of Minnie Mouse hehe....

Dress: Kookai (about 10 years ago)
Cardigan: George at ASDA
Tights: Primark
Shoes: New Look
Sun glasses: Vintage

Much love peeps


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

60's Leopard collar dress

Channeling my inner 60's with this black mini dress and lepard collar!!
I loves it!

My new tattoo and icky legs lol

Dress - New Look in the sale
Shoes - Primark
Belt - Unsure

Hope you are all having an awesome week.
Much love peeps

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Polka dot tea dress!

New video up on my youtube:


Dress -  Primark
Cardigan - George at ASDA
Tights - Primark
Glasses - Primark
Head band Primark
Shoes - Charity shop

Much love peeps

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Red lipsticks!

As you may know I love all things pin up and like the 50's fashion and vintage things......I also love make up and especially lipsticks at the moment so I thought I would do a mini red lipstick collection. And share with you my favourites.

Full swatch pictures at the end of the post

Collection 2000 - Ruby Red no3
One of my favourite red lipsticks, super creamy, amazing colour and and great price!

Wet and Wild - 514A
This was sent to me by an amazing girl Karla from America.....check out her blog and accessories (pinkdotties)
This colour is amazing with really pretty shimmer to it

Bonne Bell - Damson
Lovely purpley red colour but sadly its hard to apply as its very dry and solid. But its a very on trend colour :)

Elf Cosmetics (£1.50 range) - Posh
Beautiful medium to dark red colour colour but a bit sticky

Elizebeth Arden - Lush Red
This is my most worn red lipstick and my favourite. The colour is so rich and for me its the perfect red colour. Its also really creamy and feels nice to wear

Beautyuk - no5
This is a very orangy red colour and even though it may look scary its actualy a very flattering a lovely colour.

Barry M - no1 lip lacquer crayon
Amazingly bright shimmery red. Creamy and fun for summer, I think I will be wearing this alot in the nest few months :)

NYC - Retro Red
Love the name of this one. This was also a lovely gift from Karla from pinkdotties (check her out)
Rich retro red colour, perfect for the vintage look and extremely creamy. I cant wait to wear it more

 1st Collection 2000
2nd Wet and Wild
3rd Bonne Bell

4th Elf
5th Elizabeth Arden
6th BeautyUk

7th Barry M
8th NYC

So there are my yummy red lipsticks, hope you enjoyed the make up porn hehe

My lipstick ramble is over
Much love