Saturday, 12 January 2013

Glam and Gaga!!

Got another set of outfit pics for you my lovely lot :) I am too kind I know teehee!
I got all dressed up fancy for no real reason other than I wanted to and I could

I'm totally in love with the crop top!! its beautiful....Im guna get so much war out of it I can tell, it will even go with jeans and cons :)

Crop top - Topshop sale £15 was £36
Skirt - Matalan sale £10 was £20
Shoes -
Jacket - New Look 
Fur collar - Wallis
Hair band - Topshop
Belt - Tesco

Much love my peeps

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

1960's Leather Dress

So a couple of days ago I did a major shop and bought some uber cute things mainly from Primark...You can watch the haul here

One of the items I bought was an awesome pleather shift style dress for only £10 in the sale.
Its a tad too big but oh well, wear it with a belt and it looks lush.

So as usual I went out onto my cold wet drive way and took some photos to share with you lovely lot :)

Dress - Primark sale £10
Shirt - Primark £8 
Fur jacket - Vintage gift
Belt and tights - Unkown
Shoes - Vintage 
Thanks for looking my lovelys
Much love 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year = New Hair

So its a new year.......and I have some new very different hair
Yes I know I change my hair colour wise a heck of a lot, but this time I wanted a drastic change in cut :)
I have been wanting a full straight across fringe for well over a year now, but didn't do it as people were telling me not too.......But finally I realized, if I want a fringe Im guna damn get one!!
The reason I went short was a number of reasons. 1 being I wanted a change. 2 my long hair was annoying me. 3 my ends were really dead due to me bleaching them so much.
And lastly it was a sudden decision while laying in the bath I thought, I want short hair! SO that night I did it :)
My inspiration came from this pic of the yummy Gaga
  I know this is a wig but I still love it. Especially the colour, I want to try and get it this colour next :D

Im still getting used to my new cut but so far I think I really like it :)
Its nice to have a change 

Much Love 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

My 2012 Wardrobe!

Its 2013!!!
I know Crazy right?! like you didn't already know hehe

2012 went so fast, was a year full of ups and downs mainly due to my health. 
But I thought to bring in the new year I would look back over the old and share with you some of my favorite outfits of 2012!!

SPRING 2012 




Well that was more photos than I thought I would put up haha.
But I hope you enjoyed a looky into my 2012 wardrobe. I look forward to my 2013 wardrobe expanding tehehe. Even though my bank balance may suffer.

I hope eveyone had a wonder 2012 and I hope that 2013 is even better 

Much Love