Friday, 22 November 2013

New hair! And my hair over the last year

I got a hair cut! Whoop, first time in a hair dressers/salon in 5 years (naughty me)
Up until now I have been cutting my own hair. 
So here is my new cut.....its nothing too drastic just nice to get it down, I wanted a vintage bettie bang style fringe but nothing too extreme and I had it layered......

Here is how my hair has changed since January, I started with a turquoise bob, went red, pink, purple, blue, multi-coloured and then back to turquoise again :)

This last pic was my hair before it got chopped, a messy fringe and thick hair

Much love

Saturday, 9 November 2013

A weekend of Tartan

I am finally trying to get back on track with my posts. 
Been put of new meds which have messed up my body, but thats enough of my excuses.

As we all know Tartan is everywhere this autumn/winter, from runways to primark. You can't walk down a high street with out seeing it in a window or on someone walking past. 
I'm not really one for following trends but I do seem to be obsessed and in love with the scottish pattern.

A few of my outfits over the last few days have been tartan based so I thought I would show you lovely lot:

Tartan dress - Primark £13
Socks - Primark £3
Head band - H&M kids £1.99
Shoes - Office sale £15

I don't wear my hair up very often so I think I look strange here hehe
Tartan skirt - New Look £17.99
Skeleton body - Primark last year
Shirt - Primark last year
Hair flowers and earrings - Primark
Belt - Unknown
Necklace - Vintage

Hope everyone had a fun and warm bonfire week and enjoyed fireworks and hot drinks
Much Love

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Nightie in the day!

Yay I'm back with an outfit post.

I shall get straight into it. My wonderful photographer was my boyfriend Noel today :)

Nightie - Vintage Oxfam in Liverpool £7.99
Sheer shirt - Primark (a year or 2 old)
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins £3 sale
Hair clips - Primark
Shoes - Jeffery Campbell Litas £25 on ebay

Much love peeps 

I'm back.....Sorry I have been MIA

Long time no see uh!!!

I have had a terribly busy, ill, crazy few my laptop has sadly dead grrrrr.
SO here is my feeble attempted at a long excuses as to why I have been away so long 
My wonderful boyfriend Noel had to leave his home due to his horrible druggy house 'mate' not paying any of his bills. SO we had to move all his stuff out and sort out loads of bills.

I got very ill with my M.E and Fibromyalgia and had tons of tests done on my heart to try and find out why I keep collapsing. My medical tests are still on going.
I have had numerous changes to my medication which has resulted in weight gain (which makes me no a happy bunny at all)

I have been spending lots and lots of time with my amazing man, he makes me so happy.
And finally about a month ago my laptop broke, leaving me with out anything to edit videos on grrrr.

Anyways, for now I shall give you a few little photos, showing outfits and things I have been upto. 
Oh and my changing hair styles as usual.

Back in July me and Noel got the train to the top of Snowdon

 Family canal boat trip

Feeling very ill, rocking my heart monitor

Me and my perfect man :) <3

Our new Siamese kitten, we found him hiding scared in our garden. He is beautiful and called Sebastian.

  And finally a selection of some of my looks of recent months :)

I hope everyone is well. And I hope soon I can start uploading more and hopefully buy myself a new laptop :)

Much Love Peeps