Friday, 22 November 2013

New hair! And my hair over the last year

I got a hair cut! Whoop, first time in a hair dressers/salon in 5 years (naughty me)
Up until now I have been cutting my own hair. 
So here is my new cut.....its nothing too drastic just nice to get it down, I wanted a vintage bettie bang style fringe but nothing too extreme and I had it layered......

Here is how my hair has changed since January, I started with a turquoise bob, went red, pink, purple, blue, multi-coloured and then back to turquoise again :)

This last pic was my hair before it got chopped, a messy fringe and thick hair

Much love


  1. Your new hair really suits you, and it looks like it falls really nicely! I personally really like the blues and turquoise on you. I'm jealous my skin tone is too pink to pull that off!! xx