Monday, 8 October 2012

The changing hair of AllyKat

This week I yet again changed my hair :)

I dyed my hair brown a few months ago as I though I should give my hair a rest and save it for the wedding......BUT a few months later, I got really bored of having semi-normal hair and missed my bright hair soo much I just had to change it haha.

This is guna by the last time I go bright before my wedding in June 2013 (as I'm going be my natural dark from for the wedding)

I went purple :)

I made a video of the proses so you can take a look here:

So as I seem to love having bright coloured and fairly crazy hair I thought I would give you all a look into the history of my hair hehe.

 This is me as a baba and my lovely mother. In about 1991
I was born with white blonde hair :) and had it up till about 7 years old then it went a boring brown

 Me age about 8 as my hair is changing

Me age about 15 just before the hair crazyness begins. (I used to cut my own fringe if you hadnt guessed lol)

My and my brother, I was aged 16, decided to cut my hair sort
 Then got my some blonde put in and got my friends to cut one side sorter than the other (ps I was a myspace whore haha)

I then added some pink for my year 11 Prom.
Once it grew out abit I went black and red. Still age 16

Then came the bleach blonde!!
 And then came the black dodgy hair extensions

At 17 I went back to my natural colour (this is me and the family in 2008 in France)

 In 2009 age 18 I had it cut one side shorter again and had a few light streaks in it

Then came the all over bright red for my 6th form Prom age 18 in 2009

After the red came the bright orange, didnt really suit me, and I got so much verbal abuse from strangers.
Went back to brown in the summer of 2009 for my cousins wedding

Back to red again lol

Which faded to a nice orange colour

 Then came the bright pink, which looking back I really dont like.
Which faded and I had it cut sort

Then came my favourite colour turquoise which I kept for about a year, with lots of variations...including some blues, purples, black and pinks!

me and Ed on our 3rd date :)

 Sorry about all those turquoise pics :)

I then kept some of the pink and turquoise and added black

 Purple and pink summer 2011

 Winter 2011 I was back to red for the 3rd time :)

Then I went back to boring red brown for a few most of this year
Then I added some turquoise tips

And finally I am now proud to be a bluey purple :)

I would like to so sorry for a photo over load haha.
Hope you can forgive me my lovelys

Much love peeps


  1. I love the new colour, mine desperately needs doing again, i;ve got red, orange and indigo left to go for my hair 'project' and I can't decide which colour to go for next. I'm thinking orange would maybe be best as this time i'm gonna have to go to the hairdressers again (I go every other time I dye it)and as I want to indigo to be just right I think it would be better if I did it myself and with red my hairdresser told me that it takes forever to come out so I thought that i'd either do it myself with one of the manic panic/directions etc kits or leave it until last so that I don't have to wait so long between colours.

    What made you decide to have natural hair for your wedding?

    1. Well my family and Eds mum and Ed want me to be natural incase I regret it in the future. I do sort of want bright hair but I think I will go back for them xx
      Thanks my lovely xx

  2. Beaut, I Think my fave hair colour's were blue, or the reddy brown iv got now

    1. I miss the blue so much. Think I will go back some day :) x

  3. I remember that I subscribed to your channel when you had turquoise hair :D I loved this post, you have a very inspirational hair history :D Also, you look amazing nowadays, with that beautiful curvy body! x

    1. Yay a long time subscriber :) thanks sweetie. And thanks for your lovely words. :) xx