Friday, 7 September 2012

Vintage Outfit

While taking photos for my new vintage shop (on ASOS which you can fine HERE)
I came across this wonderful piece in my collection and I feel in love.
I dont know why I hadn't tried this on before cause it looks awesome lol, I will be sad to see it go but!! I want to start selling some vintage to help make me a bit of money so it has to go, plus I think someone else will love to have it!

Any way this post is an outfit post showing me wearing two of the things up on my shop, including this lovely vintage 60's sheer night gown, dress thingy.

Sheer Jacket/Dress - My shop £18 here
90's Mini skirt - My shop £5 here
Hair flowers - New Look £1
Shoes - Charity shop £1.20

Please check out my shop and spread the love it would mean soo much to me :)

Much love peeps


  1. That's so beautiful!!

  2. I absolutely love that silky jacket. It totally rocks. You could wear it over so many things. I have something similar that I think you would LOVE. It's a knit cabled robe type jacket that is pinned in the front but otherwise flows to the ground. Sort of a winter version of that with cables. I totally dig your style. Keep posting more!!

    1. Thanks so much my lovely. Oooo that sounds awesome. I keep looking now for more items like this that I really love but so far no look.

  3. Thanks so much for your original ideas. Although i am a guy....your stuff gives me a lot of thought on color blending, and matching....TYMV!!

    1. Thanks hun. So glad you enjoy my posts xx