Monday, 10 September 2012

Colours of Vintage :)

I filmed this outfit a few weeks ago when the sun was shining, so I though today would be a good day to post it as its chucking it down with rain and its a little nippy lol.
Today I had a medical health check which wasnt too nice so looking at this bright beautiful vintage dress puts a smile on my face :)
I even matched my make up to my dress, how cool am I hehe

Dress - Vintage off Ebay £10??
Shoes - Ebay £12
Tights - Primark £2
Belt - New Look £2

Oh how I love colour and vintage.....This is the perfect dress in my eyes 

Hope everyone is well?
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Much love 


  1. I love your videos, you have an amazing sense of style. It's very personal while style being trendy and having loads of nice touches (like vintagy, etc). I guess that now that I have a blog, i´ll be following you here also ;)

  2. Thanks hun :) Means so much xx