Sunday, 6 February 2011

Snapping session!

The weather has been bloody awful the past few days here in Wales....extreme wind and heavy rain (the river has even burst its banks)
So im glad that when the sun was shining a few days ago I took advantage and went for a walk out with my camera.
Im glad I took the photos when I did as that evening my £450 camera decided it didnt want to work anymore, and I have now had to buy a new battery for it grrrrrrr.

Here are a few of the photos I took. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL!! with out asking first, its happened to me before and wasnt nice :(
 (taken at the back of my garden)
(my beautiful fat cat)
 (up the garden again)

I thought seen as though I was showing some photos from the other day I would share some of my other photographs taken in the last few months.
Im really passionate about photography and want to take it further and do some if anyone knows of any classes in North Wales then please let me know lol.
On with the show

Wow major over dose of photos there sorry. But I do love a good photo (thats not me bragging about me being good or anything)
I just love photos.
Check out my facebook photography album:

Thats my ramble over
Much love peeps


  1. Beautiful photographs! I love your blog - lovely. xo.

  2. Wow Ally, amazing! You are truly talented! And Wales looks so beautiful! <3

  3. Lovely blog and amazing photos! Very talented, the bee on the rocks is super cute =)

  4. those photos are amazing, you've definitely got a knack for photography :)

  5. You are amazing at photography! I wish i lived in the countryside too, i love snapping pics in the different seasons but i can't really be creative in the middles of a town:s :)