Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Spring Wedding

Hey guys! Long time no see huh??!

Sorry about that, life has been full of things keeping me busy or keeping me ill.
I have been spending alot of time with my wonderful new man Noel and having fun, but also I have been back and forth between the doctors and hospital to do with my health.
SO thats my 'sorry guys let me off' speach!

Anyways back to my blog....
Over the week end it was the second 'Eardley' (my surname) wedding. My beautiful younger cousin got hitched so I thought I would share my outfit for the day as I'm totally in love with the dress I wore.

The happy couple

 The Happy couple, me and some of my cousins

Us girlies :)

 Me, Mammy and lil Sis

Me and the Fam!!

 Me and the sis
 Sweet shop
 Me and my beautiful friend Rose

My dress is from Hell Bunny's Spring/Summer 2013 collection and its sooo pretty, it comes with an attached bolero jacket and belt. I think it was aroun £44
My cardigan was from H&M for £9.99
Head band H&M for £2.99
 Bag was vintage from a little shop in Norwich for £8
Tights from Primark £2.50
and finally my amazing shoes
 Are Irregular choice 'Cheese on Toast' shoes and I got them for ebay for only £27 brand new :)

All in all was a wonderful day the sun was shining and was such a happy day, I only cried happy tears 3 times teehee

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the sunshine finally. 
I will try super duper hard to post more.

Lots of love peeps 


  1. That outfit looks unbelievable on you! Everything about it is perfect!

  2. what a beautiful day for a wedding and everyone looks well-dressed! you are very beautiful in these pics and i love both you and your friend rose's awesome hosiery! very cool!