Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year = New Hair

So its a new year.......and I have some new very different hair
Yes I know I change my hair colour wise a heck of a lot, but this time I wanted a drastic change in cut :)
I have been wanting a full straight across fringe for well over a year now, but didn't do it as people were telling me not too.......But finally I realized, if I want a fringe Im guna damn get one!!
The reason I went short was a number of reasons. 1 being I wanted a change. 2 my long hair was annoying me. 3 my ends were really dead due to me bleaching them so much.
And lastly it was a sudden decision while laying in the bath I thought, I want short hair! SO that night I did it :)
My inspiration came from this pic of the yummy Gaga
  I know this is a wig but I still love it. Especially the colour, I want to try and get it this colour next :D

Im still getting used to my new cut but so far I think I really like it :)
Its nice to have a change 

Much Love 

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