Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Galaxy meets Gothic

Hey lovely people!!

Wanted to share todays outfit with you and my awesome new shoes!! from Missguided

I bought these JC Lita cosmic style boots a week or so ago as an early birthday present to myself, and I am now in love with them!
They are unbelievably comfy and fairly easy to walk in (aslong as its a flat surface)
Here is the link if you fancy yourself a yummy pair Galaxy boots 
 Onto my outfit:
Dress - Sohos £12
Body under dress - Primark £5
Velvet hot pants - ??
Tights - Primark
Belt and coat - Tesco
Shoes - Missguided
Much love peeps 


  1. I love how uniquely you dress and how creative you are with your style! you have a new follower here :)

    could you please take a look at my blog? x


    1. Thank you for following huni, and so glad you like my style and blog :)

      I will take a lil looky now :)