Thursday, 20 October 2011

Seeing Red!

I feel like I havnt done a blog post or an outfit in soooo long. So Im sorry lovelys.
I have been ill and to London for my anniversary.

Oh and I have red hair again YAY! I love it soo much :)

Jumper - Chairty shop £2
Shirt (under jumper) - Primark £6
Bow Tie - Primark £2
Levis Shorts (studded myself) - Ebay £10
Tights - ?
Sock - ?
Leopard print Lita style boots - Ebay £33

I hope everyone isn't freezing too much in this new cold weather
I will hopefully get back into the swing of doing more things for here just been a bit blerghh recently

Much love 


  1. Your new hair is so awesome! :) x

  2. You look great in those shorts and the hair, wow!