Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Welcome to the land of AllyKat!!

Hey peeps welcome to my first ever blog!! How exciting hey!? That means go easy on my as its my first time ok? ;)

Lets start with a little bit about me:
Im Ally nice to meet you and Im 20.
I live in Wales in a small village in the middle of nowhere :S
(The view from the front of my house)
I think Im a very friendly person, so your in good hands :):D
I have a youtube channel called Allykat1990 where I do fashion and beauty related videos.
Im also part of a collab beauty youtube channel called TheGlamistas.
I think you should all subscribe as its pure awesomeness, but then again I supose Im a bit biased.
(OOTD high waisted jeans video)
Im planning on posting blogs with info on my videos and also photos so you can have a closer look.

I also suffer from an illness called Fibromyalgia which is similar to M.E (if you dont know what that is, just use good old google)
I want to also do blogs on the problems I face due to my condition and also things I find that help.

(A video I made last year on Fibromyalgia)
Im very into my pin up art, fashion and make up so look out for posts on them too. Something about the 1950ish time is just so sexy,classic and appealing to me.

(Releasing my inner pin up girl)
(Back when I had red hair)
(One of my fave pin up artists is Gil Elvgrin)

Please feel free to sujest blog and video ideas. I sometimes need some inspiration!!
Also tell your friends about this blog so I can build up a good following. It will put a HUGE smile on my face. And I do very much love to smile.

Thats my ramble over.
Much love peeps


  1. Hey Ally, that is an AMAZING view outside your house look at the clouds wow wee! Loving your pin up photo too :) Is that T-shirt from Primark? x

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  3. nice site. good interesting vid's. Too bad bout the fibwhatever but when the weather is a bit better, you should think about a bike-think it would be good for Ya
    good luck

  4. Hi Ally

    Your video on fibro is really interesting. I was diagnosed with CFS/ME a few months ago, and I feel exactly the same as you - that people don't understand how debilitating it can be, and how much of a massive impact it can have on your life. If you ever fancy a chat about anything then get in touch!


    1. Thanks sweetie!
      Sorry you have recently been diagnosed. I hope you are as well as you can be.
      I'm always here to help and bring a smile to peoples faces x